We are looking for to recruit 18 nurses to the public health care sector in Finland. Positions to be filled are located in municipal health centre hospital wards such as acute or geriatric wards. The recruitment starts with an intensive 3 months Finnish language course in Spain in September 2013.

What we offer
We offer interesting full-time positions in modern health care centers in Western Finland. All positions will be located in idyllic small towns in province of South Osthrobotnia. We offer you and your family a safe, clean and peaceful way of living in a beautiful Finnish rural area.
Furthermore, we offer comprehensive placement support, so you would feel welcome and comfortable to start working in a new country. We will help you with everything including:

  •  moving arrangements to Finland
  •  finding an apartment and a car
  •  finding a school and day
  •  care for your children
  •  authority contacts including tax and registry office
  •  helping you to get to know the town and what to do in free time
  •  support on all other everyday matters.

We also organize training courses for all our employees; for example, when you come to Finland, you will get an introduction course to the Finnish health care system.
The working hours are mainly in three shifts, about 35-40 hours per week. We also provide insurance and health care for you. The monthly salary depends on the position and previous experience. Gross salary as a nurse will start minimum from 2236 € per month. On top of the salary you will receive extra compensation from working in evening and night shifts.

Language course
The intensive Finnish language course will be arranged in Alicante, Spain.
Our employers will interview and choose students to the language course in September 2013.
The duration is 3 months in which time you will learn enough Finnish to deal with the everyday matters in Finland. The work in Finland
starts when you have completed the language course and reached sufficient level of Finnish language skills. Once you move to Finland, you can start to work and you will continue the language studies. After this, you will be able to work independently. We expect you to speak and write fluent English.

How to apply
Please send your CV and application letter in English by 16 th June 2013 to adelante@llky.fi. Please also attach 2 letters of recommendation. For further inform ation, please contact project manager Johanna Lammela, e-mail: johanna.lammela@llky.fi, tel. +358 40 669 1991.
Preliminary interviews will be held in Alicante, Spain in 25-26 June 2013.
Invitations for job interviews will be sent by e-mail.
In addition when you apply, please mention in your application where you have specialized in you studies and what kind of work experience you have in health care field. Your patients in Finland will represent mainly elderly people.


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